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Our Process


We believe that clarifying your values and vision for your future, along with gaining clarity on your “why,” is the priority in financial planning.

From there, we collaborate to understand your financial situation and design a plan with the strategies needed to focus on your priorities.

Implementing the plan will help protect your dreams, grow your assets, and keep more of your hard-earned money in your own pocket.

Along with providing financial security for our clients, we are committed to helping them create an impact for their families and their charitable interests.

Our Process page infographic. Six blue gears are connected by an imaginary wire describing the six steps: Clarify, Collaborate, Construct, Communicate, and Connect.


  1. CLARIFY: Discover and understand the client’s values, vision, and goals.
  2. COLLABORATE: Clients work with our team to provide a detailed personal and/or business financial statement and accompanying financial documents.
  3. CONSTRUCT: Build a strategic plan connecting the client’s current financial state to their vision.
  4. COMMUNICATE: Share and discuss financial plan and strategies and co-create an action plan with our clients for implementation.
  5. CONNECT: Implement and execute the financial plan and proactively engage with our clients on a continuous basis.